Fighting, because you believe

Sometimes I just wish everything would stop. I can’t cope with this busy, busy, hectic, repetitive, robotic life. I can’t. All we’re doing is going through life like a robot, a machine engineered to go through every day. Go to school. Go to college. Get a job. Make money. Buy a flat. Get married. Have kids. Be accepted in society. Succumb to the absurdity and meaninglessness of this world where the rules aren’t up to you. Do this, or else you’ll be deemed a failure in society. Because society dictates everything you do. Then die, but then nothing matters anymore, anyway. Sometimes, I wish people would just wake up from their trance. Wake up, stop, and finally acknowledge the one hell of an absurd life they’re living.

There are things though, that I use to drug the pain of life. To escape from the cruel thing that is reality. To add colour and life to this deadened, zombie-like world. I use my fantasy world, whether it be in a beautiful book I read or a movie I watched. The characters in it are as real to me as me or you. They have their struggles, but everything is okay in the end and everything is beautiful and surreal, just like a fairytale. But then I cry to myself sometimes, realizing that my fantasy world will never be able to exist. Sometimes I’m able to convince myself that it does. That all it takes is a little ray of hope. Maybe all we have to do is wait. Perhaps the whole world is an illusion. Just a bad, bad nightmare. And someday, we will wake up into the world we’ve been waiting for so long.

And then I’m jerked mercilessly back into reality. The unending nightmare. Another day, another meaningless day. Money. Fame. Acceptance. Living a conventional life. Just more meaningless goals to achieve. The cycle goes on. And on. And on. Until the day we die.

But who knows? Maybe that will be the time we finally get to wake up.

Until then, I urge you to stay strong. The world is cruel. But we have to keep on fighting. Because for all the pain and cruelty and darkness, there is still beauty to compensate for all that. That’s right. As long as love and hope and faith and compassion still exists on this earth, life is still worth living. Sometimes, it’s for those rare, heartwarming moments of true love and beauty that we live on. So as hard as it might be, hold on. Find something to live for. Keep fighting till the bitter end. Never, ever give up. Dream big, and don’t stop believing. Believe that the day will come.

Because it will.



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